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Polycarbonate Corrugated Panels

These corrugated polycarbonate panels by Palram are a perfect solution to create or add a skylight or sidelight to your steel or post frame building. Designed to stand up to excruciating punishment in outdoor uses, these panels are far superior to the usual fiberglass panels that are used for similar purposes.

Our polycarbonate panels are available in 8, 10, 12, and 16 foot lengths in addition to being offered in your choice of clear, soft white, or opal tints as well as 3 different profiles.

  • Polycarbonate Panels

    Polycarbonate Panels

  • Polycarbonate Side Liight

    Polycarbonate used as a barn side light

  • Polycarbonate skylight

    Polycarbonate used as a skylight

  • Polycarbonate roof

    Polycarbonate used across a roof

  • Polycarbonate skylight

    Polycarbonate used as a skylight

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Sunsky 9 in. Profile (1 week lead time)
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Sunsky 12 in. Profile (1 week lead time)
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Frontier 9 in. Profile (1 week lead time)
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Polycarbonate Panels are typically used for skylights in corrugated metal roofs, sidelights on barns, and even for covering an entire roof on a steel or post frame building.

The different tints or colors offer a different level of light transmission. Clear offers 90% transmission, Soft White is 85% and "glare free" while the Opal offers 45% transmission of light.

A major benefit of the Polycarbonate over similar products, such as fiberglass, is that the Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable with a 20x greater impact resistance.

These panels not only have a high transmission of natural daylight, but they are engineered to stay tough through a temperature range of -40°F to 210°F.

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  • Available in 8, 10, 12, and 16 ft lengths with 3 color options - clear, soft white, and opal.
  • Virtually unbreakable, offering 20x more impact resistance.
  • Hail and wind resistant (FBC approved) with the highest resistance to wind uplift.
  • Stays tough through a temperature range of -40°F - 210°F.
  • Offers 100% UV protection while maintaining a high transmission of daylight.
The process is very similar to installing corragated sheet metal, and can be installed when you install the sheet metal roof or siding.

With assistance, make sure the panel is straight and taught, secure the panel to the purlin or vertical support.

When attaching the second panel, a 4" overlap on the short edges and 2" on the long edges is recommended.

If any sealants are being used, be sure to read the caution below.

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Sunsky Polycarbonate Profiles

CAUTION: Sealants that are ammonia-releasing or solvent-based will chemically attack the SunSky Polycarbonate. It is highly recommended that you use only the approved sealants such as Suntuf SunSeal Silicone or Dow Corning 795 Silicone Builindg Sealant. It is also highly recommended to pre-drill the holes for the fastners at 1/16 in. oversize to allow for expanding and contracting of the materials in different weather.

It is recommended to review the fastner information below: Back to top

Polycarbonate Fastner Information

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